The Ask
The client wanted to develop a travel app for users with families who have kid(s) 14 and under that provided travel and hotel booking, itinerary with a concierge level experience.
Research Goals
What do people prioritize when booking travel with their families?
What factors make booking experience enjoyable prioritize when booking travel with their families?
What are people’s behaviors and attitudes toward booking travel and the travel experience with their families ?
Research Insights and Opportunities for UX and UI 
After usability testing, critical changes were made to the UI, logo, and branding to impact the onboarding experience for the user. With UI showing Serena listening and engaging through voice interaction, audio, and confirmation, user preferences are set through a hands free way to book travel. Photos stand out, and the experience of booking travel is no longer overwhelming. Instead, the user experience is thoughtfully curated and relaxing through out due to a thoughtful visual hierarchy, a calm deep green and a new whimsical logo, clear buttons, and needed white space. 

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