The Ask

The Bank wanted to create a new customer dashboard as part of an online banking experience that was agnostic to its user, banking or lending. The digital experience was to be omni channel and self service; offering live chat,  phone, virtual scheduling, and single sign on between multiple software programs and be responsive across multiple devices.  In creating a user experience that also offered products and services in stages through out specific user journeys, the bank wanted to attract and retain users, as well grow its business. 
The Challenge
The current customer dashboard was very focused on banking needs though most of the business were lending customers. The UI was not displaying properly and user journeys were not clear; creating many pain points from both servicing and user perspectives.
The Process
Using market research, competitive analysis, user research, and personas, I made improvements to current dashboard that was customer facing.
Working with existing personas and new data and across departments within the business,  I developed customer journey maps, stakeholder journey maps on loan origination to close, banking user journeys, and various user journeys building out each feature of the dashboard to enable a user driven experience while meeting business goals. 

4 Areas of Opportunities  for UX  and UI
In gathering further user research, patterns and behaviors emerged that necessitated evolving the company's personas further:
They are younger buyers, 25-34, millennial women, who would eventually inherit over 68 trillion dollars in wealth from their baby boomer parents.  These buyers want seamless digital self service as well. 
Wireframes in current system
Loan Application Portal
Loan Summary
Customer Service, Paperless 
Mobile App: Onboarding Open a Bank Account 
Mobile App: Reset ATM Debit Card Pin
Iterate: Journey Maps with New Loan Origination System (KPIs)
As the project started to evolve further, it was clear I needed to work where loan applicants landed before they became actual loan customers. Where could we take them on their journey through the application process where they felt empowered to to the next best action. This meant cleaning up the UI with better visual hierarchy and a even more immersive user experience that felt supportive in all channels: chat, text, email, and calling their loan officer, and once the loan closed; key placement for CTA for next best steps for personal finance management within the online banking dashboard and beautiful photography and recognizable icons consistent with brand identity. Opportunities for growing, attracting, and retaining users include really knowing your customer through personas with clear user journeys for cross sell with products along their growth: a truly immersive financial experience. 

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